About The Event

Cijin is located in the western coast of southern Taiwan, and is one of the hot spots in Kaohsiung, which holds the “Cijin Black Sand Festival” every summer.

The beautiful coastal scenery, the astounding sand sculpture creations, and booth of various creations by Kaohsiung artists also the specialties, will make you remain enjoying yourself and forget to go home.

You can also fly kites on the beach, play volleyball, go surfing, experience sand sculpting, jog or watch movie on the beach under the moonlight, listen to the aboriginal concert, and the delicious seafood with beer will make every moment even more unforgettable. Welcome to 2017 Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer - Cijin Black Sand Festival, bring your family and friends to enjoy this summer in a unique way!

Date|2017/7/8(SAT) ~ 2017/8/27(SUN)
Location|Cijin Beach

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